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Customer Comments

The following are emails received from our customers. Some of them are from eBay customers.

hi mark,
perfect......i thank you very much.
this is great, your great, i am excited.
i am truely grateful, for you, and your first class service.
i feel very fortunate to have found you.
again thank you. also, i appreciate the fact that you keep me so well posted.
thank you mark.

Hi, I got that book rack yesterday and I think I said "WOW!" about a dozen times when I saw it. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! I could not have asked for more. What a wonderful piece of work! Thanks so much! I have your store saved in my favorites for the next time I need something like that. mandy

Hello there,
My name is Joann and I recently ordered a Recipe Box: the Cottage to be exact.  Well, to my surprise, when I arrived home today there it was.  Much sooner than I had expected it to arrive!  As usual, I am hesitant when making online purchases, but was extremely happy after I opened it up.  It is beautiful!  My best friend (whom I am the maid - of - honor for) is going to love this addition to her bridal shower presents. 

Mark, your craftsmanship, and Pamela, your artistry is incomparable to many.  I have viewed your web site and seen where you live.  I have a vision of your lives there and it seems so tranquil and different than mine here in Manhattan!  I hope one day to live somewhere where the
birds and trees will inspire me to work!  It's obvious that you both love your work, which is something that we don't see much of over here! Anyway, I'm sure you have crafts to work on!  Your speedy service and wonderfully handmade product have convinced me to become a new customer!  I can't wait to check the web site for some products for my classroom!  
Thanks Again!

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Your beautiful things are here! The canvas painting is AWESOME and I start crying whenever I look at it! The recipe box is absolutely perfect and I LOVE the darling moose on it! His face is so beautiful and I love the look in his eye?.. He looks so wonderful and I thank you for him! The desert behind him is just perfect! He will always be a conversation piece & people will always ask about him----?What is a moose doing in the desert?!? He will forever be ?the misplaced moose!? It is exactly what I wanted. The recipe box is a perfect size and I love its solid construction. It is built to stand the test of time and I will keep it and use it until the day I die. Thank you. It’s just exactly what I wanted.

The canvas painting is too beautiful for words. You were able to include every feature we wanted, and then some! We are keeping the painting for a few days before I send it on. I need to ?savor? it some more. I have already spent several hours just STARING at it and noticing all the detail..the shadows on the wood..the light filtering thru the palms?..the Southwest shutters by the window?..the patterns of the tiles?the beautiful flower pots and colorful flowers..the cactus...and the sign, which is absolutely perfect! You did a spectacular job and we cannot thank you enough! You captured the Southwest flavor, starting with the open window of weathered wood and the window hinges; the chili peppers on the window sill are the frosting on the cake! Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!! I LOVE it so very much!!

Because the painting is such perfection and I am so PROUD of it, I am shipping it to my best friend in Kansas City, and she will hand-deliver it to my parents’ apartment and hang it on the wall for them. She is thrilled to be included in this wonderful surprise!

Thank you both for making this such a special Christmas for my family. We are all thrilled with your work!

Thank you again for the LOVELY things you made! Let me know if you want the photographs back.


I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I received the Paper Plate Holder that I ordered from you as a Christmas gift for my mother.
I am very pleased with it. I have a Paper Plate Holder that I purchased at a craft show in my area. When my mother saw mine she said that it was pretty and she would like to have one. Well, I must say that the one I ordered from you looks so much nicer that the one I have. I have been somewhat skeptical about ordering items on line because sometime the item just isn't what the picture makes it out to be. The Paper Plate Holder that I ordered from you was a nice surprise. The craftsmanship and the painting was very good.
Thanks again, I know my mother will really love it.

Thank you,
The shot glass rack I ordered arrived today. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. WOW! What quality workmanship. This is a gift I am truly proud to give.
Thanks Mark,

You've been wonderful. I received the it today and it is soooooo beautiful. I can't wait to see my husband's Aunt's reaction to it at Christmas. I also can't believe how fortunate I was to find two of her favorite things in one (spoon rack and lighthouse). You have a superior business with unbeatable customer service. I will be in touch for another spoon rack for my mother-in-law's birthday in April. Thanks again for everything.

Hello Mark and Pam,
I received the above items in perfect condition. They are so special and unique since they are hand painted. The painting is beautiful! Pam does a wonderful job, I only wish I were that talented. And the items are well-made and sturdy. I am very pleased and proud to display and use them in my birdhouse decorated kitchen.
Many thanks for a great purchase!
Best wishes,
Thank you so much for your quick reply. I am very glad to hear that it will be shipped so quickly. I know in the future we will be purchasing more from you so it means a lot that you are so dedicated to customer service. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you again.
Mark and Pam,
I received the boxes today and they are beautiful. Pam outdid herself on the chili pepper box and my daughter-in-law will be thrilled. Thanks so much for the extra effort and your quality work.....I look forward to shopping with you again in the future.

I just wanted you to know that I received the shelf yesterday. It was a gift for my boys Tae Kwando instructor whose logo is wolves (as his last name is Wolfe). He just moved into a wonderfully new building right by our home and we wanted to get him a gift for his new office. I have never seen him as moved as he was when we took him the shelf today. You are incredibly talented, as well as, your sincere desire to make things perfect in getting the shelf to us (the horrible address incident). Thank you again for a most beautiful piece of work. I want you to know that I am probably considered a pretty picky buyer, but you really gave us our money's worth.
Michelle and boys
Mark, thanks for the update but it really isn't necessary. I feel so comfortable dealing with you, it as actually been a relief to know that there are still trustworthy people still on this planet. Thanks, Gerri
Hello Mark,
Just received the napkin holder this afternoon. Totally awesome! Our family loves it, and my husband said "this is really beautiful craftsmanship", and it truly is. My, what talent and ability you have! And your wife as well. Thanks for the business card you sent, and I must say, it has been a real pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again, for the BEAUTIFUL napkin holder. Have a great day.
Hi Mark & Pamela,
I wanted to let you know that the box just arrived today.
I LOVED it, and I know my daughter will treasure it!!!!
Thank you so much for helping me with my projects of love. I wish for you to be rewarded with lots of love and many blessings.
Needless to say I will be posting feedback, but I wanted to send you a note first.
Again, thanks and blessings
Thanks for all you have done! You are undoubtedly the nicest seller I have had the pleasure of dealing with.
I wish you much success!
Thank you!
Just wanted you to know I received my items today! I am very impressed. I wish I could left more praise in the feedback, but as you know one is limited. The blue paper towel holder is perfect!!! The plaques are such high quality workmanship....really superb! Do hope to deal with you again.
I truly thank you for being so friendly and helpful...and the shipping WOW!
It was a real pleasure dealing with you!
Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!
I received the holder today.
Pictures didn't do it justice! It is gorgeous!
Thank You!
Patty House
Mark & Pam,
I received the canister set today and since I am moving, I only looked at the one canister, but let me tell you, that you both outdid yourselves - it is beautiful, and I love it. Thank you both for doing such a nice job.
I just wanted to let you know I left positive feedback on Ebay as I received the wooden spoon rack today.
Oh my gosh, it is even more beautiful than the picture showed it to be and I am thrilled!
Beautiful work!!! Thank you ever so much!!
LJ Pless
Hi Mark,
I received the wolf shelf on Friday. What a beautiful piece of craftsmanship! You should be very proud of this work you do :-) It's going to look wonderful in my t.v.. room! I left positive feedback for you on Ebay. My husband wants to eventually buy a deer shelf and we both saw a couple other things of yours we really like...Christmas presents I'm sure haha. By the way thanks so much for responding and shipping so quickly in light of the current events in our country. I would've understood if there would've been a delay.

Thanks So Much,
Hi Mark,

I just now got a chance to check my e-mail. You certainly have one extremely happy customer! The spoon rack you crafted is OUTSTANDING! I can't thank you enough. It's even more beautiful than I expected.

It's been a pleasure doing business with you and I wish you much future success with your business. Not only are you extremely talented, you have been excellent in keeping me posted on the status of this item.

Many, many thanks,

Hello - I am Russell's wife, Melissa. I was the one that he purchased the shelf for. It was an anniversary present from him and all I have to say is, "It is more beautiful than the picture shows." Thank you very much, I will be keeping my eye on your auctions for hopefully more things that I can purchase.

Thanks again
Melissa Kaegbein
Hi Mark,

Just a note to confirm that the spoon rack arrived today. Without a doubt, no one holds a candle to your craftsmanship! It is truly beautiful. We found a perfect spot to hang it and so far each of the spoons I've been collecting fit in it to a "T"!

With much gratitude and thanks,

Donna and Brian Sneed
Hi Mark,

I'm happy to say that the parcel arrived on Friday. I am thrilled with the items. You do awesome work!

I was cautious about this Ebay buying. My husband buys lots and was stung on a digital camera that was never sent to him. However, you have made this very easy and I think I've got the bug!

Thanks again for all your help. Take care.

I'm not sure if I let you know or not, but your wonderful work was admired and a nice success at our benefit bazaar last weekend. Thanks so much for your wonderful work and your fabulous service on Ebay!
Sister Kay
I got the boxes. they're beautiful!! Thanks for making my Christmas gifts special. Beany
Hi Mark!

WOW! This magazine holder is gorgeous! I'll have to start reading a better class of magazine! It's just lovely and I left + feedback for you and hope to do business again.

Much thanks!
Barbara Langevin
Gosh, that was quick! You're incredibly efficient. I will surely leave positive feedback for you, too.

Best wishes to you, also, and I look forward to purchasing from you again; it's always such a pleasure.
Thank you,
Hello Mark,

The hummingbird shelf arrived today and I am delighted! It is gorgeous! Many thanks for a fast, smooth transaction.

Thanks also for the positive feedback. I have happily reciprocated to you!

Happy Holidays!

Best regards
Hello Mark and Pamela!
Just wanted to let you know I received the wonderful painting a few days before Christmas. It came so quickly I couldn't believe it! Made it all the nicer since it is a present to myself, haha.

I can't say enough about it. The style/coloring is so pretty - I just love it. It truly was meant for me to find your auction site and in retrospect, I really don't know how I did, because I was just kind of absent-mindedly
surfing around!

I'll be back in touch with you at some point once my business gets off the ground to explore the possibility of commissioning Pamela for something with a local flair/lighthouse/dunes/lake.

Again, thank you very much for getting it to me so swiftly and a very Happy New Year to you both,


Hi Mark - Just now received the napkin holder - like it very much - nice craftsmanship - thanks.
Hi Mark,

I received the spoon rack yesterday, it's just gorgeous! Thanks so much.
Will leave +++ feedback, and I'm looking forward to doing business with you again soon.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Thank you for checking on my package. That went above and beyond. I had not heard about the random checking, but makes sense.

I want to let you know that the box just arrived and everything is perfect. I couldn't have hoped for anything more beautiful. You do wonderful work. These will become family Christmas traditions. Thank you so much. I will go and leave positive feedback.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.
Mark & Pamela,
I just love the Recipe Box. Outstanding talent.
I left you Positive Feedback the other day.
Thanks & Happy Holidays!
Hi Mark
The Lighthouse Spoon Rack arrived on Friday. It's absolutely beautiful! You do great work. I also appreciate the careful packing job and your very prompt shipment. Nice doing business with you. I left positive feedback and will be taking a look at your auctions in the future.

Best regards....and happy holidays!
- Jeff
Hello Mark,
Just wanted you to know the sleigh arrived this morning! It's just wonderful! I couldn't be more pleased with it; I know it will be a treasured heirloom.

I've left positive feedback for you and I look forward to future purchases from you (I just know there will be more!) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you,

I received the Birdhouse Recipe Box from you today and love it! I had gotten it for my daughter who was just recently married. I was so happy with the quality of it, that I purchased the Chicken Recipe Box tonight for my other daughter who just moved out to an old chicken farm!

Thank you so much. It is a pleasure doing business with you!
Mark - the ornaments came today - they are lovely - I am sooo pleased - after the holidays I would like to order some more or bid if you have any more on Ebay then. Hope you don't mind - but I'm going to take them to school tomorrow and drum up business for you - again they are so unusual and lovely. Will def leave pos feedback!!!!!! Judy
Hello Mark

After receiving shipment of nativity figures last week, We decided to buy another item. Your workmanship is awesome. I will call you with my credit card number tomorrow.

Paul & Karen
Hi Mark!
The paper towel holder arrived today. It's beautiful! I plan to use it in my bathroom to hold 2 spare rolls of toilet tissue. The colors fit in PERFECTLY with my bathroom. Tell Pamela I LOVE her style! I have left
feedback for you.

I'm keeping your auction list bookmarked so I can check now and then to see what you have.
Thanks again!